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if ur screwing up ur life cuz u are a perfectionist with major anxiety who procrastinates and spends way too much time on the internet clap ur hands


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I don’t think anyone will end up reading this, but the idea of telling my problems to the internet which can then scatter them across the universe is quite a comforting thought right now.

I’m in a bit of an unnerving place emotionally right now. I think during your teen years you’re always going to experience ups and downs, how you deal with it is down to who you’ve got around you and if you acknowledge that they’re there for you no matter what. So I’m 16, settled at school in London, I’m ambitious, know what I want from life and have the most supportive family and friends.

I’d firstly like to stick a middle finger up to life for tricking me into thinking I’d finally gotten off the roller coaster when really it was just pausing to refuel. Last night, someone I’m extremely close to me told me something which has upset me probably more than it should have. Without going into too much detail, I was told to relax, be myself. Stop trying too hard. This scares me; I’m sat here thinking ‘how can you tell me to be myself? This is me?’

So my roller coaster is about to embark on phase two which I don’t feel prepared for whatsoever, but strangely I feel relieved slightly after typing this down. I mean, there’s how many billion people in the world? Surely I’m not on this alone.